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Matjhabeng Mayor suspended

The Mayor of the Matjhabeng Local Municipality, Nkosinjani Speelman, should have been suspended a long time ago already.

It is lamentable that the ANC must resort to crisis management during the national lockdown to ensure that residents have access to basic service delivery. If the government had the political will to take action against the elected officials who do not do their jobs properly or who do not comply with legislation and appointed people based on expertise and merit, it would not have been necessary to resort to crisis control.

Too many cases of officials who violate legislation and regulations are overlooked. Such offences should have consequences and consistent action must be taken against officials and politicians who are guilty of this.

The FF Plus wants to see the example that was made of Speelman being followed in various other dysfunctional municipalities as well.

The FF Plus is committed to a new model of local government where accountability, expertise and merit are the norm and where high-quality service delivery is provided to residents.

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