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Malema contravening parliamentary oath with land-grab policy

“Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is contravening the parliamentary oath with his incitement to illegally occupy land in South Africa. As a member of the National Assembly he undertook this oath which stipulates: “I swear/declare …that I will obey, respect and uphold to the Constitution and all other law of the Republic.” Malema’s incitement and call at the EFF conference in Bloemfontein to occupy land shows that he does not obey, uphold and respect the Constitution and all other law of South Africa,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on agriculture and land affairs says.

“Illegal land occupation, or land grab actions are taking place in various places in the country under the leadership of the EFF. It is clearly in execution of Malema’s call. An MP as a member of the highest legislative authority (Parliament) cannot hypocritically undertake the oath and thereafter incite people to lawlessness. In each of these land grab actions, such as at Sasolburg, Malema should be charged as an accomplice as he had incited these people to take such action.

“Strict action should be taken against Malema and the EFF or else land grabs will get out of hand which will seriously threaten property rights in South Africa further. When the EFF achieves success with the illegal occupation of unoccupied land, farms will definitely be the next objective of this occupation. This will also threaten food security,” says Dr. Groenewald.

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