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Level Three Regulations: Lack of clarity will once again cause problems


Just like before, there are still many questions and uncertainties regarding the finer details of the Level Three lockdown regulations and there are still numerous restrictions that simply seem irrational, like the ban on businesses such as hair salons and the continued restrictions on exercise times.

The regulations for Level Three that were announced today entail various clauses that will only apply after the relevant Cabinet Minister has published further directives about it in the Government Gazette. And this creates uncertainty.

There is also a lot of uncertainty about the exclusion table relating to industries that will be allowed to operate on this Level. Some educational sectors and public transport sectors are still awaiting the relevant directives that must be issued by the ministers.

Level Three starts on the 1st of June and that raises the question of whether these uncertainties will be clarified in time before the entire country moves to Level Three. It will most probably not happen and as a result, numerous business enterprises will still be unsure about their situation.

The announcement that churches may indeed open their doors for services is acceptable, but adhering to the limitation on the number of churchgoers is not practically feasible.

The new time limit placed on exercise and the associated conditions are irrational, just like before. The same goes for the ban on certain businesses, like hair salons and beauty parlours. It is unacceptable.

The restrictions on the times when alcohol may be sold will only cause more people to simultaneously rush to outlets to make purchases.

The time has come for the government to demonstrate greater confidence in the public and their willingness to cooperate in certain aspects. Up to now, the public has cooperated well despite the difficult circumstances.

The irrational restrictions, however, demonstrate that the government has an unhealthy desire to control and overregulate everything.

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