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Kirkwood unrest: Farmers and community suffer violence

The irony of the widespread unrest and violence in the farming community of Kirkwood in the Sundays River Valley in the Eastern Cape is that protesters do not seem to realise that they are destroying their own ability to earn an income.

The FF Plus paid a visit to the community today and was particularly shocked by the serious and senseless destruction and vandalism.

Warehouses filled with freshly picked products were torched and destroyed, and many homes have been utterly ruined. Fruits have been stripped off trees in orchards, thrown on the ground and trampled while branches were ripped off trees.

In some cases, the extent of the damage is so severe that it may take years to reach full production capacity again.

Protesters do not seem to realise that they are destroying the very businesses on which they depend for a future income and their families' survival.

During the FF Plus's visit today, there was a strong and visible police presence in the area.

Although an agreement with workers was reached yesterday, it is clear today that emotions are still running high and the situation remains volatile.

From conversations with members of the community, the FF Plus learnt that many peace-loving people want to return to work and that they are unhappy with the way that a small group of people handled the situation, stirred up emotions and kept inciting violence.

They are well aware of the fact that the situation is jeopardising their work and income.

The FF Plus wants to see that an investigation is launched, as in other cases of similar unrest, to determine who is behind the incitement and violence.

The perpetrators are exploiting ordinary workers and must be brought to book for the damage, which is already amounting to millions.




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