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JB Marks’s ANC leadership and officials run the risk of incurring legal action due to failure to relocate illegal land occupants


The JB Marks Local Municipality and its ANC managers are opening themselves up to possible legal action for their reckless handling of court rulings about illegal land occupants at Potchefstroom.

The FF Plus pointed out in an urgent letter to the ANC Mayor, Gaba Ka Qhele, and the municipal council's Speaker, Moithoesi Dassie, that the Municipality, which serves Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp, must comply with the court's instructions.

Numerous court rulings about the personal liability of municipal office bearers and officials due to dereliction of duty in similar circumstances were also pointed out.

The letter follows the municipal council unanimously supporting the FF Plus's request in November 2022 that urgent steps must be taken to execute the mandatory court orders.

The orders determine that the illegal land occupants in Mooibank just outside Potchefstroom must vacate the area before 31 January 2023.

The local agricultural community has been negatively affected by the illegal acts of the occupants since January 2021.

The water in the channel has been polluted, crime in the area increased and there were even cases of violence in which local motorists were attacked.

During the council meeting of 29 November, the FF Plus also emphasised that there are already enough zoned plots available for the relocation of the land occupants.

At this late stage, it is obvious that the ANC-controlled Municipality has not taken any steps to ensure that it will be able to fulfil its legal obligations in terms of the court orders.

The FF Plus, furthermore, demands that an urgent council meeting must be convened to discuss the looming crisis and to ensure that the Municipality is held accountable.

It appears that laxity and an apparent disregard for the rule of law is already a deep-rooted part of ANC culture.

The residents of Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp deserve better than the ANC.




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