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It is time for Zuma to tell white people where they stand

President Jacob Zuma and his government have destroyed the 1995 dream of a rainbow nation and with his continuous attacks on whites, he is creating racial tension. The time has come for pres. Zuma to tell the white people of South Africa exactly where they stand, says dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

Yesterday, during the presidency budget vote debate, dr. Groenewald said that whites showed great goodwill in building up the country for the future and contributing to make South Africa a better place.

He says that it wasn’t done with an air of arrogance or with an expectation to be favoured or to be treated any better than the rest of the nation.

“We’ve had a rude awakening. Section 83(c) of the Constitution stipulates that the president should establish unity in the country, but that is not what he is doing. He says that all the country’s problems began when Jan van Riebeeck arrived here in 1652. He also says that the so-called white monopoly causes the country’s problems.

“He keeps telling the black people, especially, how bad they’re doing, that they’re poor and unemployed and that the inequality is the white people’s fault because they stole the land.

“The minister for social development has even blamed white journalists for the problems at Sassa. Then one shouldn’t be surprised when the Northwest premier changes the tragic incident in Coligny into a racial matter by saying that white farmers murdered the black boy.

“Is there absolutely no more respect for the law? I’m telling the president that he is causing racial tension in South Africa.

“I want to reiterate that the white people in South Africa are not asking for special treatment. All they want is equal rights and to be treated equally.

“Today in his response, the president should tell the whites what they need to do to convince him that they are indeed making a contribution to the country. We don’t want to hear another history lesson. We already know it. He must tell the white people what they need to do to become part of the new South Africa.

“Let him be honest about this for once in his life,” said dr. Groenewald.


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