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Ismail Vadi wants to leave political legacy at the expense of tax payers

The MEC for Transport in Gauteng, Mr Ismail Vadi, announced yesterday in the Gauteng Legislature that he is going to request the Geographical Place Name Committee to initiate a public participation process to rename 23 routes in Gauteng after "those who have played a constructive role in the fight against Apartheid and who made a contribution to South Africa's development".

The FF Plus says that Vadi's announcement is nothing new as he had already made the same announcement in the Legislature on 3 July 2018. The only thing that is new is that at that time, there were only seven routes that he wanted to rename, but now the MEC has added 16 more routes which brings the total to 23.

These routes include the N14, R28, R55, R59, R80, PWV 15, R23, N12, R553, R500, K46, Ben Schoeman highway, R550, R554, R50, R103, R42, R558, R101, P139/1, P70/1, R25 and the R82.

With his first announcement on 3 July 2018, Vadi said that there is not enough money to repair the sink holes on Gauteng roads and yet he is still bulldozing ahead with his plan to rename the 23 routes. What it will cost to rename these routes is anybody's guess, but it will certainly not be cheap.

On 29 March 2012, the Tshwane Metro changed 25 street names in the city and it amounted to a staggering R27 million. That was six years ago and if the poor economy and high interest rates are taken into account, then the cost of renaming the routes can easily cost double that. A conservative estimate is, thus, that it will cost Gauteng tax payers approximately R54 million.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that this money should rather be used to upgrade and maintain the roads in our province. At least then tax payers will be getting value for their money.

Vadi is driving a single-minded agenda and it is to leave a legacy. This legacy of his will, however, be at the expense of tax payers. The MEC is busy saddling the wrong horse and he must watch out, his plan could backfire and then he will be scorned in the future for not repairing the roads in the province.

The FF Plus will be sure to oppose this project in the Roads and Transport Committee and will also demand a cost analysis of the project.

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