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Freedom Front Plus

Ipsos poll shows that most South Africans support the FF Plus’s economic policy; rejects the leftist policy of ANC, DA and EFF

International research on various aspects of socialism conducted by Ipsos in 28 countries worldwide, shows that South Africans strongly support merit and the free market and that they are of the opinion that socialism, as advocated by the ANC, DA and the EFF, is oppressive.

Ipsos conducted the research to commemorate the birth of Karl Marx two hundred years ago on the 5th of May 1818.

The research clearly shows that the FF Plus’s policy is in step with the heartbeat of most South Africans.

Merit and the free market have proven themselves in that both bring about development, progress and job creation. That also expands the tax base, which makes it possible for a state to offer public health care.

A massive 83% of South Africans agree with the statement that “free market competition brings out the best in people” in comparison to the average of other countries, which was only 66%.

All in all, 59% of South Africans agree that socialism is a “system of political oppression, mass surveillance and state terror” in comparison to the worldwide average of 48%.


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