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Health department fails to achieve its goal of improving healthcare in Limpopo

The closure of the clinic in Modimolle (Nylstroom) points an accusatory finger at the Departments of Health and Public Works that failed to improve healthcare and facilities in the province.

The clinic was closed earlier this month because, according to the Department of Labour, it poses a serious threat to personnel and patients.

According to the provincial Department of Health's first quarterly report, 61 healthcare facilities also stopped providing 24-hour services, mainly due to criminal activities.

A further 72 stopped functioning due to personnel burnout.

The FF Plus cares about medical personnel's safety, but also about the health of patients who, in many cases, have no other option but to go to their local clinic for help.

A logical solution would be to station security guards at all the clinics targeted by criminals.

If maladministration and irregular expenditure are eradicated, there will be enough money available to do so.

The Department must also speed up its procurement of ambulances seeing as emergency vehicles' current slow response times could result in the loss of lives.

Both the Department's programmes for health sciences training and healthcare support only spent a mere 16% of their budgets and yet the Department complains about vacancies.

The Department must pull up its socks and fill the vacant positions with properly trained personnel to relieve the pressure on current personnel and improve healthcare.

The FF Plus is also concerned about the failure to award contracts for the supply of medication, particularly chronic medication.

Many patients, like pensioners who depend on a social grant, cannot afford to buy their medicine from the private sector.

The majority of Limpopo's residents cannot afford private medical care and rely entirely on public healthcare.

The time has come to rid this ANC-controlled Department of cadre deployment, and to put a stop to the misappropriation of taxpayers' money.

Limpopo deserves better than the ANC.



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