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Government’s one-sided Palestinian position is short-sighted

The South African government and president Zuma’s imbalanced and biased views in favour of the Palestinians and against Israel are infringing on South Africa’s credibility. With these views the South African government is shooting itself in the foot and ensuring that we cannot play any role in resolving the conflict. That is why it is a waste of time and money and presumptuous to send a South African delegation to the Middle East. Instead, the ANC should rather pay attention to South Africa’s own problems and the conflicts in Africa.

The two-state solution could resolve the problems in the Middle East conflict area. Before it can be implemented it is however essential that Hamas and the fundamentalist Moslem world recognise the existence of Israel.

Peace and good neighbourliness in the Middle East will be obtained through talks and negotiations and not on a military level. For such negotiations to succeed the bona fides of all the participants should be accepted with reciprocal recognition of each other.


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