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Gender violence is a sign of South Africans’ violent mentality

(Debate in parliament)

The sharp rise in gender violence is a clear sign that South Africans have a violent mentality in which violence feeds violence and violence seems to be the answer to all social issues and the only way in which to deal with conflict.

South Africa has become a country filled with intolerable, violent people.

If we do not like something of the past… We tear it down and act as if it never existed. If we do not like a language… We demonise those who speak it and ban it. The list is endless and gender violence is part of the vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself.

The ANC government's half-hearted attempts to combat gender violence has turned into a tragic circus with the President as the circus master who is full of promises, emotional pleas and dramatic speeches that all come to nothing as no action is taken and the legal system is failing victims miserably.

The FF Plus wants to make mention of a shining example of what is currently playing out in the country: There is a woman who is caught up in a difficult divorce and who is suffering severe emotional and physical abuse.

Last week, she had to flee her home in the middle of the night and obtain a protection order in the morning. The order was only served on her husband two days later and the police officers failed to make a copy of it and then asked her to get one for them.

This is indicative of the indifferent attitude of the government that leaves women totally vulnerable despite the government's many promises.

Will the police wait another two days to act when her life is in danger? And if they take too long, who will be considered complicit in what happens to her?

The President and Ministers of Police and Justice must all be held accountable for the high level of gender violence, which is the result of a failure to take action. Hollow words and empty promises will make no difference, action is needed. And, alas, that is not something that the government can pride itself on.

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