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Gauteng psychiatric patients: Weak and ill at the mercy of a callous ANC government

A government who takes well care of its vulnerable people in the country is a good government. In South Africa the opposite takes place, and the weak and ill are at the mercy of a callous ANC government on whose watch a large number of mentally ill people recently died, Adv, Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Health, said.

During the debate today in Parliament on this issue, Adv. Alberts said the only way to react to this is to ask how many more people will die unnecessarily under the leadership of the ANC?

He said that what had happened to these mentally ill patients – who truly represent the weakest of the weak – is not only tragic, but a gross violation of human dignity and the sanctity of life, and shines alight on the dark soul of the ANC.

“What has been revealed through this, is that the ANC government and its deployed cadres aren’t just merely negligent in their intentions and actions, but that the ANC is purposefully aloof to human suffering, while it pretends to hold the moral high ground.

“One would know what to expect of a person such as Omar al-Bashir and Robert Mugabe, who are known for their human rights violations, but the ANC on the other hand creates the false illusion of hope and humanity.

“The worse things are with the ANC, the quicker it devolves to cheap political opportunism by playing the racial card to deflect attention away from its own indifference.

“This indifference is thoroughly reflected in its unwillingness to give recognition in Parliament to the patients who had died. In their lives they were let down, and in death the government decided to ignore them.

“There are many examples of people who are victims of this attitude of the ANC:

In South Africa one goes to a state hospital to die and not to get well, because they are mere numbers and sheep on their way to the abattoir;

In South Africa farmers come home from church, just to be tortured and their throats slit like sheep, because they had ‘stolen’ the land;

In South Africa women are raped, because they are mere objects;

In South Africa children are abused, because why should they have the same rights as grown-ups?;

In South Africa so many innocent people die on our roads, because the authorities are more interested in collecting fees than in road safety;

In South Africa too many people die while the ANC cadres apply their energy in filling their pockets with taxpayer’s money. How long will society still tolerate this?

“This slaughter must be stopped before the abused dog turns round and lashes out. What eloquent words and racial card will rescue the ANC then?” Adv. Alberts asked.


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