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Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport fixes potholes on the R28 after pressure from FF Plus

The FF Plus's constant requests over the past year to the Gauteng Legislature's Committee on Roads and Transport to repair potholes on the R28 between Krugersdorp, Randfontein and Westonaria are finally bearing fruit.

On Friday, various teams from the Department worked on and repaired potholes on the section of the R28 from Mohlakeng to Westonaria.

Streams of sewage water from Mohlakeng, which have been flowing along the road reserve for years and ultimately ended up in the Donaldson Dam, are also being channelled elsewhere.

This sewage water also flowed from the Donaldson Dam via tributaries and small rivers to the Mooi River in Potchefstroom.

Over the years, the streams of sewage severely damaged the road's surface and formed large potholes.

The FF Plus, furthermore, asked the Committee's chairperson, Jacob Mamabolo, to look into the infrastructure in Mohlakeng as it cannot handle the large quantities of sewage, which frequently results in burst pipes.

The polluted water has also formed a natural wetland in front of the Donaldson Dam where dolomitic soil formations are found.

Teams of workers also worked on a section of the N14 near Krugersdorp/Brandvlei/Ventersdorp, including the Krugersdorp/Carletonville crossing, where the road was expanded with one meter to either side.

This was done to allow large trucks to turn more easily in the crossing. In the past, traffic had to come to a standstill to allow these trucks the opportunity to turn. Potholes were repaired as well.

The repair work on the N14 and the R28 was supervised by Members of the Provincial Legislature and councillors of the West Rand District Municipality.

The FF Plus will continue to put pressure on the Gauteng government to fulfil its duty towards road users and residents.



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