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Gauteng Covid-19 adjustment budget: ANC is living in the past and speaks about inclusivity with a forked tongue

The FF Plus finds it unacceptable that the ANC government in Gauteng keeps looking in the rear-view mirror while the Covid-19 pandemic requires looking to the future and doing proper strategic planning, now more so than ever before.

They talk about creating an inclusive economy, while planning to discriminate based on race when it comes to economic participation. These things once again became evident during today's tabling of the Gauteng Covid-19 adjustment budget by the MEC of Finance, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko.

Business relief is earmarked for the poorest groups, while small, medium and middle-sized business enterprises in the middle-class make an enormous contribution to job creation, which particularly benefits poor black households. Not providing aid to all enterprises comes down to economic suicide. In this instance, the word 'inclusive' is given a new Orwellian meaning that is reduced to code for black-only aid.

In her speech, Nkomo-Ralehoko kept emphasising the inherited problems of the past of which the divisions have come under the spotlight again due to Covid-19. She, however, made no mention of the fact that the ANC has been in power in South Africa and Gauteng for 26 years and that under the ANC's leadership, the fiscus has been looted to the point of bankruptcy and the public service has been transformed into ruin.

The MEC did not even deign to take any responsibility for the people who died in the past on the ANC's watch, like in the case of Life Esidimeni and High School Driehoek.

More deaths, caused by the ANC's centralisation and inadequate distribution of food, will probably still come to light as well. In essence, what we are witnessing is a sort of psychopathy of a self-righteous ANC while the party stumbles from one human rights abuse to the next.

The MEC made an alarming statement, saying that she had a lot of time to reflect on the situation. She came to the conclusion that the socio-economic paradigm that the ANC inherited, followed religiously and adjusted, brought about the climax of this unheard-of crisis that we are facing.

The MEC added that the socio-economic system and its preceding blueprint or template must be changed.

The FF Plus finds these words extremely alarming because they seem to suggest that the ANC thinks that the so-called market-orientated policy that it has followed thus far has caused the current crisis and poverty and that it must be changed.

By implication, Gauteng and the rest of South Africa may be standing on the threshold of a communist intervention that will be enforced by the ANC. It will not come as a surprise seeing as the ANC's national democratic revolution aims to create a socialist (read communist) state.

What we can deduce from this is that the ANC will bring South Africa to a point where it has to make an extremely important choice: Economic collapse and the distribution of poverty among all except those in power or creating a market-orientated economy with enough freedom so as to facilitate job creation. The only way to walk down the latter path towards a better future is to overthrow the ANC at the polls in 2021 and 2024.

The FF Plus will thoroughly examine the tabled budget to expose any communist and/or racist aspects and will oppose them with all our might.

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