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For the ANC there aren’t any people who exist in South Africa outside of the ANC

“Just like terrorism cannot be discussed in qualified terms, the ANC government cannot look at self-determination with blinkers on,” Dr. Corné Mulder, the FF Plus’ chief whip says.

Dr. Mulder said in the budget debate of this department that self-determination, which is important to the FF Plus, is a concept that the ANC only understands well under certain circumstances.

He said that when it comes to Western Sahara, the ANC knows what it means. When Palestine is discussed, the ANC also knows exactly what it means. But when it comes to other communities and groups, they do not understand a word of it.

Referring to the minister’s comments about inclusive government and democracy, Dr. Mulder said these concepts should be thoroughly discussed in a debate.

“The ANC’s Freedom Charter states that no government is legitimate unless it is held through the will of all the people of the country. The reality is that the government is not concerned about the will of al the people, but only that which is important to the ANC,” Dr. Mulder said.

Regarding South Africa’s trade relations with Bric countries, Dr. Mulder said that the advantage that this holds for South Africa should immediately be reviewed.

“Four years ago everyone was very excited about this new trade partner. In the mean time nothing much has happened with regards to trade with Brazil and Russia, while trade with China has only increased by 4% in the past four years.

“South Africa’s imports from China totalled R167 million. This amounted to a deficit of R67 billion. Keep in mind also that South Africa mainly exports raw material such as coal and iron ore to China. It therefore clearly appears that there isn’t a balance in our trade with Bric.

“The amount of R10 billion that South Africa has to pay to the Brics Development Bank and the currency reserve fund, is a huge price to pay for this partnership,” Dr. Mulder said.


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