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First reading debate in parliament: Appropriation Bill 2019 – ANC to blame for economic mess in which country finds itself

The government's budget is not aimed at development, but rather at subjugating those who are poor and keeping them dependent on the government as well as allowing for government interference in the economy with its lack of policy certainty.

Sfiso Buthelezi, the chairperson of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Appropriations, says the purpose of the Bill is to clean up the mess. But the ANC itself is responsible for this mess.

The economy in isolation cannot damage the country's economy, but the ANC's fiscal policy, its laws and state capture can. It is disturbing that the ANC apparently does not realise this.

The government has in many cases allowed contractors to join in on the process of looting the state coffers. Unnecessary departments were created and are being maintained even though they are, like some ministries and deputy ministries, mere black holes into which tax money disappears with no benefits for the people.

The priorities are misguided as well, for example, higher education is seemingly considered inferior to basic education. The wrong policy directions are taken, for example, the National Health Insurance (NHI) which will only serve to make the health crisis even worse.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) requested that structural changes must be made to South Africa's labour environment so as to reduce the cost and trouble related to doing business in South Africa. The Reserve Bank confirms this. And still it does not happen.

It is a shame to hear of the failure of the country's state-owned entities and the consequent need for special appropriation bills to save them. One cannot help but ask why this is happening.

With regard to Eskom, the demand for its product is great. It supplies more than 90% of the country's power. Its problems were created by the ANC and its cadre deployment that lead to the appointed of incompetent officials in management positions and as a result, the power supplier has almost been destroyed. Under ANC leadership, the oversight of Parliament has been inadequate and, thus, the deterioration was allowed to continue.

The same is true for local government where municipalities and service delivery are allowed to collapse. The economy will never be able to grow under such circumstances and the poor leadership of such a government.

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