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Figures show that the police are not keeping their promise to make farm murders a priority

The latest figures on farm attacks and murders released by TAU SA indicate that 47 farm murders and 246 farm attacks have already taken place this year, this is extremely worrisome and serves as proof that the undertaking of the police to treat these crimes as a priority is not being put into practice.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus, says that the police urgently need to pay attention to rural protection and that the police’s criminal intelligence, specifically regarding farm attacks and murders, will have to start functioning properly.

With reference to a recent attack near Wolmaransstad, where farmers caught the attackers themselves, Dr. Groenewald says that there was a police member amongst those accused of the attack. He adds that this means that the police are failing to remove criminal elements from their own ranks despite the Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula’s, undertaking.

“South Africa’s high crime rate requires more than just the Minister paying lip service, the police need to act.

“When considering crime in general, is seems like the police are losing the war against criminals.

“I will, once again, raise the issue of farm attacks and murders during the police’s parliamentary portfolio committee meeting and I will also demand explanations for what is being done to improve rural protection and crime intelligence in rural areas.

“I would like to thank agricultural communities and organisations, like TAU SA, that have implemented their own safety systems. If it wasn’t for them, the figures would have been significantly higher,” said Dr Groenewald.

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