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FF Plus’s tour de force continues in Drakenstein

The FF Plus's tour de force in recent by-elections, like the one in Drakenstein where the party mainly competed with the DA, has now become an irrefutable trend.

At the same time, the DA can no longer brush off its poor performances, like last week in Bela-Bela (Warmbad) and yesterday in Ward 17, Drakenstein, as mere blunders. It is also starting to become a trend.

Within just a year, support for the FF Plus in Drakenstein in the Cape Winelands skyrocketed from 13% (in 2021) to 41% yesterday. It nearly quadrupled.

In Bela-Bela, support for the FF Plus grew with a whopping 75,6% since last year's local government elections.

In contrast, support for the DA dropped from 80% last year to the current 49%.

Dr Corné Mulder, leader of the FF Plus in the Western Cape, attributes this increase in support to voters' growing faith in the FF Plus's stability and policy, which instil confidence.

After nearly thirty years, voters have grown tired of a ruling party doing nothing but tear down, and opposition parties doing nothing but criticize. The FF Plus's policy offers hope for the future.

Where the party is part of coalition governments or even where a few councillors are fighting against the odds, the FF Plus continually demonstrates that it always puts the public's interests first.

What happened in Drakenstein proves that minorities are realising that they can reach out to one another, and empower themselves and their communities with their votes.

The FF Plus will continue building on the strong foundations being established right across the country to create a home for all who believe in the future and who do not want to call any place other than South Africa home.



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