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FF Plus’s hard work with CIDs in Tshwane pays off

The FF Plus is proud to announce that the party’s hard work with establishing City Improvement Districts (CIDs) in the Tshwane Metro has borne fruit with the official launch of the Centurion West CID.

In November 2023, the Tshwane Metro Council adopted the FF Plus’s CID initiative as part of its official policy.

The Centurion West CID consists of residential areas and Centurion’s CBD.

The main aim of the CID is to improve service delivery in specific areas with a focus on ensuring safe residential and commercial areas in the Metro.

The Centurion West CID is a cooperative agreement between the Metro, the security firm Monitornet and other role-players. Ignite Urban submitted the application for the CID.

Motorola’s involvement as a partner marks a significant step forward with the installation of eight sophisticated CCTV-LPR cameras (vehicle licence plate recognition cameras) as part of the pilot project.

Four smart streetlights working with solar power and equipped with cameras will also be erected soon.

These will be monitored 24/7 by a high technology control room and be supported by a professional armed response team, which will respond as soon as criminal activity is detected.

The FF Plus considers the launch of the CID project for Centurion West a highlight and yet another success story of the Metro joining hands with its residents to combat crime.

Through its CID initiative, the party also succeeded in simplifying the highly regulated process of establishing a CID.

In the past, a CID could only be established if 60% of residents and 70% of businesses in the relevant area agreed to it. An additional monthly fee was also levied to finance the initiative.

With the new concept, which is the FF Plus’s brainchild, creating a CID has been streamlined and is voluntary. The application process has also been made easier and faster.

Another 16 urban CID applications have already been approved and about 20 more are in the pipeline.

Establishing a CID could also be seen as realising a form of self-determination and doing things yourself, which are two of the FF Plus’s principles.

(Photo: From left to right: AndrΓ© Jacobs (Tshwane Metro), Lebo Mashego (CID Manager), Frank Grobbelaar (Monitornet CEO), Grandi Theunissen (FF Plus councillor and Mayoral Committee Member for Community Safety), Nontando Nkutha (Motorola)



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