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FF Plus Youth will not celebrate the farce that is Youth Day; will stand up for communities instead

The past few years, the FF Plus Youth did not celebrate Youth Day and this year is no exception. The youth in South Africa has nothing to celebrate.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated to the youth, particularly the youth of minority groups, that the government has no regard for them. While youth unemployment is at an all-time high and economic growth is desperately needed, South Africa's youth is overlooked, discriminated against and treated as second-rate citizens.

So this year, instead of celebrating Youth Day, the FF Plus Youth will stand up for their communities instead. Provincial youth structures across the country are busy with community projects that will be aimed at making a real difference.

Among other things, food for the needy is collected and distributed, clean-up actions are undertaken, upliftment and development projects are presented for unemployed youths, environmental awareness campaigns are conducted, collection campaigns for animal shelters are conducted and heritage sites are being cleaned up.

During the past 15 months of lockdown and the state of disaster, people have been suffering. Communities have been discriminated against, jobs have been lost and households and families have been torn apart by the worldwide pandemic. Thus, in light of the aforementioned and the upcoming local government elections at the end of 2021, the FF Plus Youth decided to focus on communities.

The FF Plus Youth aims to demonstrate that by doing things ourselves, we can still stand strong and stand together, regardless of the current circumstances in South Africa.



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