Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus will support Infrastructure Development Bill

“We disagree about many things in the National Assembly but about infrastructure development we should not disagree, because without infrastructure development South Africa will not experience any economic growth,” Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the Freedom Front Plus, said in parliament during the first reading debate on the Infrastructure Development Bill.

“If the Freedom Front Plus appears to be critical of infrastructure projects, it is due to our experience in the past 19 years of many of the best plans for infrastructure projects which had been discussed in Parliament and by Cabinet not getting off the ground. The plans for many infrastructure projects were lost along the way as a result of the public service’s red tape and government departments inability to coordinate their efforts.

“The Infrastructure Development Bill is attempting to overcome precisely these problems and we therefore support this Bill. Some details in the Bill which may be unclear at present and a few problems which we foresee can be worked out in the committees in parliament and during debates,” Dr. Mulder said.

In preparation for the Soccer World Tournament in 2010, we built the necessary infrastructure and world-class stadiums and showed the world what we are capable of. At the time we had deadlines which we had to meet and government scrapped restrictive measures in order to achieve success. It may be possible that we will have to do this again to ensure success with infrastructure projects now.

“South Africa is still recognised as the economic giant of Africa. Our economy is still twice as strong as that of Nigeria and three times stronger than that of Egypt but there are projections that Nigeria will be surpassing us in the very near future. Should this happen we will be blaming the ANC,” Dr. Mulder added.


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