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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus welcomes the arrest of suspects implicated in the VBS scandal in the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality

The FF Plus welcomes the arrest of three suspects implicated in the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality's unlawful investment of R230 million in VBS Mutual Bank. In terms of the Municipal Financial Management Act, it is unlawful for municipalities to invest money in a mutual bank.

Seven municipalities in Limpopo, including the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality that services Burgersfort, Ohrigstad and Steelpoort, lost millions of rand through investments in VBS, which exacerbated their service delivery problems.

As a result of making the unlawful investment, the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality was unable to supply electricity to certain areas, as was initially planned, and it is also facing various service delivery challenges, like community unrest, serious financial constraints and internal labour problems.

After the recent local government elections, the FF Plus now has a councillor in the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality who will ensure that the Municipality complies with the relevant legislation and that residents get the service delivery that they are paying for.

For years, loyal taxpayers have been held hostage by corrupt government officials and other stakeholders who unlawfully enrich themselves with tax money without being criminally prosecuted.

Therefore, the FF Plus welcomes the fact that such officials are finally being brought to book. The party would like to see that officials in other municipalities, who think that they can loot tax money to line their own pockets, receive the same treatment.




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