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FF Plus warns Lesufi to enjoy his premiership, while it lasts

During a debate today in the Gauteng Legislature on the annual report of the Office of the Premier, the FF Plus warned the Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, to enjoy his time as premier, while it lasts.

His term will come to an end with the national and provincial elections in 2024.

In the FF Plus's view, Gauteng may have a new premier, but the plans are still outdated and based on government's "Growing Gauteng Together: Our Roadmap to 2030" policy, which was compiled by the previous premier.

The truth is that despite the policy, there is an ever-growing gap between its objectives and the reality experienced by ordinary people. It simply does not work.

The FF Plus added, tongue in cheek, that the people of Gauteng have nothing to fear seeing as Lesufi will come swooping in to put everything right by cancelling power debts, planning a State Bank, implementing the Township Development Fund, combating crime with drones and cameras everywhere, and hunting down racists (as long as they are white).

And yet the FF Plus cannot ignore the alarming intrusive thoughts that remind one of the already deep-rooted culture of non-payment for services; the bankrupt VBS Bank, and the bankrupt state-led Land Bank and Post Office Bank; the oppressive social credit system of China that is policed by seemingly omnipotent drones and cameras; the Covid-19 funds stolen from Lesufi's Department of Education, which could easily happen again with the Township Development Fund; and lastly, the cheque issued by Lesufi that learners and parents who were falsely accused of racism will have to cash.

Next year, Lesufi will face enormous legal claims.

Lesufi's track record leaves much to be desired, and the FF Plus is sure that there will be no leadership to tie the people of Gauteng together.

Instead, there will be actions setting people against each other based on race.

All while the primary priority ought to be turning the economy around to drastically lower the unemployment rate.

Unfortunately, the only economic action that Gauteng will see is the ANC government lining its pockets.

Therefore, the 2024 elections will unfold as follows: The ANC government will be removed with contempt and be replaced by a coalition government in which the FF Plus will play a leading role.

• In response to the FF Plus's statement that Lesufi is targeting white people as racists, he said that the cancellation of outstanding power and water debt will also apply to white people. They must simply register as needy at their respective councils.

The FF Plus views this as a positive step, but more needs to be done to create job opportunities so that people can lift themselves out of poverty. Creating a culture of non-payment must also be guarded against. The FF Plus will monitor the process to ensure that it is affordable, and there is no discrimination.



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