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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus wants to persuade three Gauteng metros to declare a dispute with the national government about the e-toll system

After the local government elections, the FF Plus will launch a campaign to persuade the three Gauteng metros to formally declare a dispute with the national government about the e-toll system.

Seeing as the FF Plus will undoubtedly grow in all three metros and will either be a partner in a coalition government or be a bigger and stronger opposition, the party will be ideally positioned to influence the metros to take the bold step of demanding that the e-toll system must be abolished.

The system connects and weaves through all three metros, so the local governments will have the right to declare a formal dispute with the national government in terms of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act (no 13 of 2005).

If the national government does not heed the demand, a formal dispute can be declared in terms of the relevant legislation and if no solution can be found, the metros would be able to apply to the court to have the e-toll system abolished.

In this way, the local government can take a stand on behalf of the general public, which has rejected the contemptible e-toll system long ago already.

The FF Plus has been continually striving to have the e-toll system abolished since 2012. If the party does become a partner of a coalition in any of these metros, it will ensure that the new coalition government takes action to declare a dispute.

And if the FF Plus were to remain the opposition in any of these metros, the party will continue to work hard to persuade the new local government to declare a dispute for the sake of residents' economic survival.

The FF Plus remains committed to the fight to once and for all put an end to e-toll.



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