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FF Plus takes steps against Ramaphosa’s discriminatory Yes4Youth network

President Cyril Ramaphosa's youth empowerment network, Yes4Youth, is nothing but blatant racial discrimination against young unemployed white South Africans and the FF Plus has lodged a complaint of discrimination with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) as the programme excludes white people based solely on their skin colour. The programme is supposed to assist young people with finding a job.

White applicants get a message that says: "Sorry, Yes (4 Youth) is only available to Black, Indian or Coloured South Africans." The link to the web page is https://www.yes4youth.co.za/for-youth/ . (Photo attached)

Unemployment in South Africa is a reality for all young people. However, white South Africans are victimised even more due to Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. Qualified white people cannot enter the labour market simply because their skin colour is wrong.

This is not nation building. It is blatant polarisation in a country where racial tension is already unacceptably high.

This kind of mistreatment basically conveys the message to the white youth that they are not welcome in this country. The FF Plus considers it to be nothing but racial discrimination against the youth of a minority group who are struggling to find a job.

Unemployment in South Africa will not improve overnight, particularly if certain racial groups are excluded from opportunities.

Unemployment, especially among young people, has increased significantly under the ANC government's rule and discrimination against minorities has also increased.

The youth who are currently entering the labour force are the so-called Born Free Generation who grew up under ANC rule and who followed an ANC curriculum at school. Why are young unemployed white South Africans and other minorities still being discriminated against?

The FF Plus Youth will continue to take a stand against discrimination in South Africa and will continue to fight back. The time has come for us young ones to vote for the FF Plus in the 2019 elections because the party is committed to equal treatment and opportunities for all.

The FF Plus's complaint lodged with the HRC is the first step to be taken against Yes4Youth's discrimination and further steps will be announced soon.

Contact details: 082 490 6663





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