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FF Plus reports SANDF officer to the Equality Court for hate speech

The FF Plus has decided to report Major M.V. Mohlala of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to the Equality Court for hate speech after the SANDF only gave him a light rap on the knuckles for statements he made on social media.

Mohlala who is stationed at the Wonderboom Military Base in Pretoria said, amongst other things, the following after the murder on Professor Cobus Naudé (76): “It is your turn now, white people… [he] should have had his eyes and tongue cut out so that the faces of his attackers would be the last thing he sees …”

The FF Plus considers such statements hate speech. This is very serious, particularly because of the fact that Mohlala is a member of the SANDF and soldiers cannot make political statements seeing as their integrity must be above reproach so that they can protect and defend all people in South Africa without bias.

In light of the Vicki Momberg case, the FF Plus will make very sure that Major Mohlala is held to the same standard. Racism, irrespective of the nature thereof or your race, is unacceptable and must be condemned as such.

If an example was made of Momberg, then an example must also be made of Mohlala so as to make the message to the community, and particularly to the members of the SANDF, loud and clear: they must always remain apolitical and unbiased.

It is not only Mohlala’s statements that leave a blemish on the name of the SANDF, but also how the matter was handled as they merely reprimanded him. It creates the impression that it is acceptable for members of the SANDF, in this case a senior officer, to make such hate-filled statements.


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