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FF Plus rejects Gauteng provincial budget for 2018/19

The FF Plus rejects the Gauteng provincial budget for the 2018/19 financial year as the party just cannot approve of a budget that discriminates against minority groups.

Last week Friday, the Gauteng Premier, Mr David Makhura, announced that he is going to proceed with his undertaking to expropriate individuals and institutions’ privately-owned land and buildings.

He said that he is no longer willing to accept that the reality of the apartheid and colonial past, where a small part of the population owned land and property, can be justified. According to Makhura, the majority is without land and property at present.

Makhura also added that he will continue with his undertaking in spite of the FF Plus’s warning early last month that his rapid land release programme is unlawful and that he only has the legal power to use provincial land and property to carry out his plan.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that Makhura has thrown a lit match into the dry grass with this statement and that he is busy causing trouble among the residents of Gauteng.

Consequently, the FF Plus simply cannot support a budget that will be used to unlawfully confiscate people’s land and property and the party can have no part in a process that will result in the collapse of the province’s economy and that will bring about utter chaos.

Makhura is jumping the gun with regard to the ongoing parliamentary process to amend Section 25 of the Constitution.

The FF Plus has, therefore, rejected the budget of the Gauteng provincial government in its entirety and is calling on the residents of Gauteng who own so-called idle land and buildings, to prepare themselves for legal action against the Gauteng provincial government.

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