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FF Plus puts shoulder to the wheel to repair potholes

This past weekend, the FF Plus put its shoulder to the wheel to repair potholes in Birchleigh North in Kempton Park.

The party received several complaints about the problem from residents in the area.

Many of the residents reported the potholes to the Ekurhuleni Metro’s Department of Roads, but nothing was done about it. Some residents reported the potholes to the Department two years ago already.

So, this past weekend, FF Plus councillors joined the party’s Birchleigh North branch in repairing the potholes. Residents of the Rosannahof residential complex donated bags of cold tar.

Service delivery problems in the Metro can be reported via a cell phone app. The person lodging the complaint receives a reference number.

An investigation by the FF Plus revealed that the Department of Roads’ records indicated that the potholes had already been repaired, so, the matter was considered finalised. That was not the case, though.

The FF Plus will pose questions regarding the reporting of service delivery problems via the cell phone app and its feasibility to the relevant departments during the next council meeting.

The FF Plus remains committed to serving the community’s interests and ensuring that essential infrastructure maintenance is carried out effectively.



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