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FF Plus puts Life Esedimeni back on national health agenda

During a session of the parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Health, the FF Plus put the Life Esedimeni tragedy that transpired in Gauteng back on the agenda of the Committee.

The FF Plus requested the Committee chairperson to revisit the tragedy so as to prevent something like that happening again in the future.

The Committee was also requested to carefully consider the events surrounding the tragedy and to take appropriate action against those who were responsible. The chairperson undertook to put the matter on the agenda for discussion.

Yesterday, the health ombudsman appeared before the Portfolio Committee to provide feedback on the matter and on the next available date, the Committee will also meet with the Minister of Health to discuss the matter.

The FF Plus vowed in the past that it will make sure that those who were responsible for the tragedy will be held accountable and get the punishment they deserve.

Thus, the FF Plus welcomes the action now taken. It is a step in the right direction so ensure that similar tragedies are prevented and the party will do everything in its power to make sure that the Committee takes the best possible decisions in this regard.

The party is willing to share all the information regarding the matter that it has at its disposal with the Committee and will draft a report on the matter and submit it to the Committee.

Contact details: 060 556 4347 / (012) 772 4410



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