Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus is the new game changer in Gauteng

The FF Plus is ready to solidify its role as a key player in mainstream politics in Gauteng with the local government elections in 2021.

While the ANC and EFF are stumbling under the joke of alleged corruption and the DA is paralysed by infighting and starting to spawn new break-away parties, the FF Plus remains strong and continues to serve the interests of South Africans.

In the current political and economic climate in Gauteng, the role of a stable opposition party and reliable governing partner in multi-party coalitions is of unimaginable value and absolutely vital. Since its establishment in 1994, the FF Plus has been developing in line with the dynamic political landscape and has a sustainable foundation on which to keep building.

Gauteng currently finds itself in a crisis due to poor governance, state capture ad corruption and now has to overcome the Covid-19 challenge while already weakened.

The time has come for voters to think about the future in new and realistic terms and for communities to take control of their own futures to put an end to the present deterioration.

Contact details: 082 466 3786 / 062 391 1804



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