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Employment Equity Commission is inadequately compiled and misleads people year after year with poor and wrong data

The Employment Equity Commission (EEC) manipulates statistics and with poor and wrong data sketches a misleading picture of the South African workplace to keep affirmative action alive indefinitely, adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the economy says.

He says it is especially tragic that the country’s official opposition, the DA, had supported the government to create laws which will apparently be discriminating against the Afrikaner and other minorities indefinitely.

According to Adv. Anton Alberts, the EEC’s recent fourteenth annual report had once again drawn sharp criticism from various corners about a variety of aspects – from the political composition of the commission, the expertise of the members and the accuracy and manipulation of statistics.

Some of the harshest criticism came from Ms. Janine Myburg, president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry who has told the FF Plus that the report does not reflect the real state of affairs and does not really contribute to the sensible development of the country’s workforce.

According to the report, white people still dominate senior management positions in the country with 62,7% while black people hold less than 20% of the positions. Indian people’s percentage is 8,3%, brown people 5,1% and foreigners 4,1%.

It also appears from the report that in 2013 there was a drop in the percentage with regard to black people.

Adv. Alberts says it is futile to only look at figures of people in the top positions, there should also be a focus on training to ensure that merit appointments are made in a natural way.

“It reminds one of the sport minister Fikile Mbalula’s recent silly comments last week that 60% of sporting teams have to be black players. If it is blindly applied, the teams will not be able to compete on a high level and they will perform poorly.

It is precisely what is happening in the business world. Huge enterprises will collapse with a poorly performing management which had been appointed for their race alone. The difference with sport is however that billions of rand and South Africa’s economy are at stake. Merit is non-negotiable in this environment,” Says Adv. Alberts.


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