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Ekurhuleni Budget Speech: ANC/EFF metro government more interested in reckless and unfunded spending than in good service delivery

The FF Plus has rejected the Ekurhuleni Metro Council’s budget for the 2023/24 financial year. It is clear that the ANC/EFF metro government is more interested in the reckless and unfunded spending of public funds than in providing good service delivery.

The overarching theme of the ANC/EFF metro government’s budget was spending money that does not exist.

Many of the announced expenses are new and not part of the budget.

As a result, various projects are unfunded and cannot be executed. So, all these plans are no more than empty promises made with a view to next year’s elections.

The FF Plus warned the ANC/EFF metro government not to deal dishonestly with public funds.

What stands out are unexplainable increases to certain items in the budget, like outsourced services of R38 million, which makes no sense seeing as the ANC/EFF metro government had indicated earlier that there is indeed sufficient internal capacity to deliver those services.

These expenses must be accounted for, and the FF Plus will keep a close eye on it to ensure that it does not end up in the pockets of the ANC and EFF.

In addition, the budget for personnel was increased with R35 million, while many Ekurhuleni residents are unemployed.

In this case, the irony of the EFF, which is supposedly fighting for the poor, but is actually heaping on more for those who already have, is not lost on the FF Plus.

It is disappointing that there was no substantive focus on growing the Metro’s economy.

The Metro possesses golden opportunities to attract external investors to the area, like the Aerotropolis development around the OR Tambo Airport.

And yet this development is at a standstill with no sign of new investments coming its way, while the Metro seems obsessed with building a new university at exorbitant costs. The funds for it will come from the national Department of Higher Education.

The ANC/EFF likes to boast that they provide many free services to the poor. But they are unable to properly manage the administrative system that is supposed to make those services possible.

It is nearly impossible for a needy person to register for those services using the system.

The only good initiatives are those that the Metro inherited from the previous multiparty coalition government, of which the FF Plus was an integral part.

The ANC/EFF metro government predominantly followed the previous multiparty coalition government’s budget.

Its potential is, however, destroyed by moving funds to senseless sections, announcing unfunded projects, and using the budget as a campaigning instrument for the upcoming elections.

The only way to ensure proper service delivery is to once again get a coalition government, in which the FF Plus serves, into power.



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