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EFF-tail is wagging ANC concerning Israel

As was the case with expropriation without compensation, the EFF-tail has once again wagged the ANC when it came to officially severing all formal ties with Israel. Both have consequences that do not bode well for the country.

Yesterday’s decision by an ANC and EFF majority in the National Assembly (NA) of Parliament to sever all diplomatic ties with Israel is extremely short-sighted, not in South Africa’s best interest and will only isolate the country even more.

This makes a mockery of the ANC government and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s so-called attempts to help negotiate peace in the ongoing Middle East crisis through talks now that one party is unwelcome to participate in the conversation.

All while there is such a great need for talks and negotiation at the moment.

There is a possibility that fifty hostages will be released by Hamas to secure a temporary ceasefire of about five days from the Israeli military.

It is a welcome starting point to make talks part of the process of resolving the conflict.

South Africa has excluded itself from any bilateral talks about an issue that affects the entire world.

Now, not a single word from South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa or any of his delegates will be taken seriously in any talks about peace and resolving the conflict.

The ANC has cut off South Africa’s nose in this regard just to appease the EFF-tail.



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