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Debate on SOPA: ANC daydreams about mega-cities while North West decays

The ANC government in North West’s plan to spend R73 billion on developing eleven so-called mega-cities is ludicrous given the fact that the ANC has driven what is left of the province to the edge of financial ruin.

The FF Plus vehemently opposed these impractical daydreams of the ANC today during the debate on the State of the Province Address (SOPA) delivered by North West’s acting Premier, Nono Maloyi.

Instead of using the province’s limited funds to improve service delivery and combat corruption, the ANC is selling residents daydreams in a desperate attempt to canvass votes for the elections.

Municipalities, such as Maquassi Hills, are plagued by elements who apparently deliberately sabotage water and other infrastructure in a bid to obtain tenders for repairing the said infrastructure.

Moreover, the ANC government seems to condone such conduct seeing as it is very rarely reported or thoroughly investigated. No-one is held accountable or is prosecuted even though there is stringent legislation in place prescribing up to thirty years in prison for sabotaging public infrastructure.

North West residents are severely affected by the maladministration and decay of ANC-controlled municipalities. For example, nearly 50% of Rustenburg’s water is lost due to a lack of maintenance on pipelines.

In some towns, the roads and streets are literally disintegrating. In JB Marks, residents are slapped with exorbitantly high water bills based on estimated consumption values.

The only hope of saving North West from the mismanagement and decay is to oust the ANC from power at the polls on 29 May and replace it with a professional coalition government of which the FF Plus is part.



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