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Debate in parliament: Insourcing versus outsourcing in government – Merit must be the determining factor

The answer to the question of whether to insource or outsource for government work is simple: It must benefit everyone in the country. This, however, does not happen. The ANC government makes its decisions based on what is best for the ANC and its cadres.

The government has an obligation to ensure the wellbeing of all South Africans. This, however, also does not happen. Certain contractors and consultants are allowed to exploit governmental departments and entities at the expense of the taxpayer and for the benefit of only a few corrupt officials.

On the one hand, there is a lack of expertise in governmental departments and state institutions because merit is not considered. Former President Jacob Zuma explained in detail to the Zondo Commission how the so-called cadre deployment committee works, how it makes decisions regarding appointments as well as how and where this happens.

On the other hand, policies like Affirmative Action (AA) only make the problem worse because when it comes to services and contracting, it places the emphasis on everything but merit.

South Africa is in an economic crisis. It is, therefore, irresponsible to expect that all services, including those of lesser importance, must be delivered by the government itself. The government's wage bill is already inflated and responsible action is needed to ensure that money is used sensibly.

The EFF must realise that poverty and unemployment will continue, regardless of whether all the white people are driven into the sea or not. South Africa's economic problems have nothing to do with race, but it has everything to do with the incompetence of its current government.

As long as the government keeps spending its money as irresponsibly as Julius Malema, who bought a single pair of shoes for an amount that other people will only be able to earn with years of hard work, the country will have financial problems. It has nothing to do with race or white capitalism, but it has everything to do with poor government policy.

All decisions, like the ones regarding the sourcing of services, must be made responsibly and must be in the best interest of all South Africans.

Appoint the people and the contractors who can do the work. That is the gist of the answer to the question. To blame white people for all the problems is not a solution.

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