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Crime flourishes in Krugersdorp due to the absence of patrolling

The absence of patrolling by Community Policing Forums (CPFs) in Krugersdorp has lead to a rise in crime in the area.

Supposed copper thieves are breaking open power boxes to steal fuses almost on a daily basis. This type of vandalism and theft is significant because fuses have basically no re-sale value.

The small copper contact, which is part of the fuse, is probably the only reason why these criminals are resorting to this kind of theft.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations and the implementation of the curfew rule, CPFs are not authorised to continue with their operations. The duties of police services have also been expanded to include enforcing the regulations of the Disaster Management Act.

The rise in this type of crime means that three or more houses in a street are often without electricity for an entire day or longer and this is causing much frustration among residents and the municipality. The residential areas that are mostly affected are Krugersdorp North and Krugersdorp West.

It is alarming that criminals have shifted their focus from large-scale copper wire theft to stealing fuses to the detriment of many households that are already burdened by difficult circumstances due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The FF Plus is calling on all Krugersdorp residents to immediately report any form of crime to the police.

Contact details: 082 806 7891



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