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Capetonians on the losing side with DA infighting

The people in the Western Cape are the only ones finding themselves on the losing side in the ongoing battle between the DA and Patricia de Lille, mayor of Cape Town, and the time has come for voters to support an alternative party, like the FF Plus, that will put the rights of white and brown minorities in the Cape first.

With next year’s general elections around the corner, the DA’s internal problems will certainly prompt the ANC to try and win back disillusioned voters with renewed zeal so that it can once again take control of the city and the province.

That cannot be allowed to happen. The FF Plus will form coalitions and cooperate with other parties to keep the ANC from governing the Western Cape for the sake of its people.

The crisis brought about by the infighting in the party is so serious that the DA had to admit that Cape Town is now relying on “emergency plans” to keep functioning.

It is lamentable that the DA decided to appeal the unanimous ruling of a full bench in the Western Cape High Court, who reinstituted De Lille as a member of the DA.

In doing so, the party shows that it, just like former president Jacob Zuma, cannot abide by a High Court ruling and is willing to draw out the litigation process at the cost of the voters who really deserve better than that.

It seems as if there is no end in sight for this battle, seeing as De Lille plans to bring an application before the very same court tomorrow in which she will request that the DA documents that contain serious allegations against her must be made available to her.

It may turn out to be a very long, drawn-out and expensive process that may reach a climax just before next year’s general elections. Capetonians may end up paying a very high price for this DA debacle and that must be avoided at all costs.


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