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By-elections confirm: FF Plus is going from strength to strength

The two by-elections that were recently held in Mpumalanga confirm that the FF Plus is without a doubt establishing itself as one of the heavy weights in the South African political context as it is a party that offers real hope for everyone who decide to throw in their weight with the party.

The two by-elections took place in Ward 28 in Bethal (Govan Mbeki Municipality) and in Ward 12 in Lydenburg (Thaba Chweu Municipality). The elections had to be held because two DA councillors resigned.

In Bethal, support for the FF Plus grew from 222 votes in 2016 to 695 votes; or from 4,31% to 35,4%. The number of votes for the DA decreased from 1606 to 514 in the same period – from 45% to 26,2%.
The Bethal results are as follows:

Ward 28:
ANC – 701 votes     35.87% (2016 – 40%)
FF Plus – 695 votes 35,4% (2016 – 4.31%)
DA – 514 votes       26.2% (2016 – 45%)
EFF – 48 votes        2.4% (2016 – 2%)

The FF Plus lost to the ANC with just six votes. In this case, the DA divided the votes against the ANC to a large extent, which could have secured a great victory over the ANC.

In Lydenburg, the FF Plus also cemented its continued support with 434 votes. That is an increase from 8,35% in 2016 to 32,7%, nearly four times more than a mere three years ago. Support for the DA decreased from 81,1% to the present 48,49% (643 votes).

The Lydenburg results are as follows:

Ward 12:
DA – 643 votes        48.49% (2016 – 81.1%)
FF Plus – 434 votes   32.7% (2016 – 8.35%)
ANC – 240 votes       18.1% (2016 – 9.3%)
EFF – 9 votes            0.68% (2016 – 1.86%)

The FF Plus is of the opinion that voters are increasingly throwing their weight in with the party that fights for the rights of minorities and that takes a strong stand against, among other things, Affirmative Action, which other parties still support.

The FF Plus considers the country's economic deterioration a direct result of Affirmative Action, which has also lead to cadre deployment, extensive incompetence and corruption.

Contact numbers: 083 627 4397 / 065 801 7216



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