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Budget vote debate: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – Emerging farmers must get proper support

The propaganda and myths about agriculture will destroy South Africa’s food security and steer the country in the direction of Zimbabwe. Decisions regarding agriculture must be based on facts and not political propaganda and myths.

South Africa needs successful commercial farmers and not farmers that remain emerging indefinitely. Most of the government’s development programmes and projects are failures. They serve mainly to benefit the politically-connected corrupt elements.

A shining example of this is the Vrede Dairy Project where the money allocated to the project was ultimately spent on a Gupta wedding at Sun City. The way that provincial departments contract implementing agents creates an opportunity for these kinds of things to happen. What happened in Vrede and the Free State is happening right across the country.

Billions of rands that should have been spent on agricultural development in South Africa are lost in this way.

Altogether 62% of South Africans live in cities. These people want their own homes and want to participate in a modern economy. They do not desire a more rural lifestyle.

South Africa’s food requirements are such that only commercial farmers can meet the demand. On their own, small and subsistence farmers simply cannot ensure food security. Those farmers that are serious about agriculture must, therefore, be given the necessary support in order to develop.

If everyone went back to subsistence farming, agriculture in South Africa would be regressing. The country simply cannot afford that.

Black and white farmers in South Africa find themselves in difficult circumstances and they are working hard to create jobs, to produce food for the people and to maintain rural economies. And yet they get the blame for almost all the country’s problems.

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