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Announcement of election date underscores the importance of registering to vote

It was announced today that the election will be held on Wednesday 7 May this year. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that every South African considers the importance of the election and satisfy themselves of the need to vote, Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus says.

“It is significant that the election is to be held shortly after Freedom Day on 27 April and Workers Day on 1 May. The reason is probably that the ANC would want to, with state funds, use these emotionally charged days to celebrate huge 20 years-commemorations. The hope would then be that the emotions which are thus aroused about 1994 will spill over to the advantage of the ANC’s election campaign.

“In our electoral system every vote counts. That is why voters should vote for the party whose values are the closest to his or her own. If the public, in large numbers, vote against the ANC, changes in the country can be made. That is why it is so important to register to vote this weekend.

“If one is registered one can always at a later date decide not to vote. If however one is not registered and in the heat of the election fight shortly before the election one decides to vote, the opportunity would be lost,” Dr. Mulder says.


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