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ANC’s plan to unilaterally move Afrikaner statues is like wiping Khoi-San drawings off rocks

The ANC’s plan to unilaterally move Afrikaner statues is as short-sighted as wiping Khoi-San drawings off the rocks, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on arts and culture said.

According to Adv. Alberts, it is a sign of the ANC’s contempt for smaller peoples in South Africa.

“One has to ask oneself, what is next. Will the ANC now wipe Khoi-San drawings in Nkandla to ensure that Zuma’s homeland does not resort under any land claims?

“The statues in the gardens of the Union Building is part of the Afrikaner and also the whole of South Africa’s political history and cannot be wiped out. Some of those statues, such as the one of Gen. JBM Hertzog, are of Afrikaner freedom fighters that had fought against colonial powers like Britain and have got nothing to do with apartheid.

“Any unilateral move of cultural historical monuments and statues which is of interest to the Afrikaners, is in conflict of Section 30 and 31 of the Constitution which guarantees people’s cultural life – of which heritage such as statues, is a part as well as Section 33 which guarantees fair administrative actions.

“With regards to the latter, the Afrikaner’ various representative bodies and the people as a whole, were never consulted about a possible move. Should the ANC continue to unilaterally move statues, the ANC will find it difficult to justify their actions.

“Apart from the legal problems which are facing the ANC about this, it is clear that the ANC is under-estimating the Afrikaner’s ability to mobilize and offer resistance in the streets against this cultural war which it is trying to wage. The ANC is under-estimating the Afrikaner to its own peril.

“The FF Plus will keep an eye on the plans of the ANC and will oppose the moving of any cultural historical statues with any possible steps,” Adv. Alberts says.



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