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ANC uses literacy and basic education as instruments for social control

(NCOP debate: Adjustment Budget for Basic Education)

The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, is taking the lead in establishing a shocking system in which the ANC heeds the rules made by authoritarian governments through the ages and uses children's literacy as a political weapon to maintain social control.

Why does the government want to hamper the development of children in South Africa? Is it to expand social control and to make people even more dependent on the government so that they can be more effectively controlled?

According to the United Nations (UN) agency Unesco, literacy does not only entail the ability to read and write, but also learning skills that are needed to fulfil an effective and productive role in society.

In stark contrast to this, the Minister and the ANC are fanning the flames of illiteracy in South Africa with the revised curriculum whereby Grade 1 learners may be promoted to Grade 2 despite the fact that their spelling and mathematical skills are not on the required level.

It is unfair to promote a child to the next grade when their skills and educational levels are not what they should be.

Such a child will always be a victim and feel inferior among his or her peers. Such a child will never perform or be able to reach his or her full potential. That child will end up standing in the unemployment row, dependent on the government for sustenance.

The government's tendency to justify and shift the blame is cultivating this culture in which underperformance is the norm.

The Minister will be remembered for establishing a system in which 23 796 public schools in South Africa failed to provide more than 12 million learners with a basic education.

She also played the leading role in the Department's shameful failure to ensure that schools are provided with enough personal protective equipment, the dismissal of essential staff members and the fact that certain schools still have to make use of pit toilets after 26 long years.

Covid-19 is bad for South Africa, but apparently good for the ANC as it is creating an environment in which the ruling party can misuse education and literacy to expand its social control. Children are being robbed of their childhoods and their future.

And Covid-19 is not to blame, the government is.

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