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ANC transgresses both letter and spirit of Constitution

Government recognises the South African Constitution as the country's supreme authority. And yet the ANC government's actions contravene the letter and spirit of this supreme law.

The Constitution forms the legal foundation for governing the country, including citizens' rights and duties, and the structure of government.

The Bill of Rights is the cornerstone of the democracy. It applies to all legislation, is binding on the Legislatures, the Executive Authority, the judiciary and all state organs.

A recent quote from the book by Prof Koos Malan entitled "There is no supreme constitution” elicited a vehement response and denial from the Minister of Justice.

Still, the Constitution is frequently interpreted and enforced in line with the ANC government's political agenda and objectives.

The terms state capture, corruption, maladministration and poor law enforcement have become widely used in Parliament, the media and every South African household.

And in general, frustrations are on the rise because there seems to be no consequences for it.

Despite the findings and recommendations of the Zondo Commission, little progress has been made to prosecute individuals for the blatant theft of taxpayers' money by officials in positions of authority.

After all, accountability means that Parliament, government, the Executive Authority and officials are all under the obligation to, out of their own free will, accept responsibility for their actions.

It does not happen, though, with the main reason being a culture of entitlement, which the ANC has cultivated in South Africa. It along with blame shifting has destroyed service delivery as well as the country's economy.

South Africa must get its house in order. South African voters no longer have faith in the current dispensation, precisely because government is not accountable, and service delivery has reached an all-time low.

The lost faith and honour must be restored not only among South Africans, but also the international community.

It must be replaced by a culture of accountability and responsibility in line with South Africa's Constitution.

Under the ANC, however, that will not happen. So, South Africans must seize their opportunity in 2024 to elect a government that honours the Constitution.



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