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ANC ‘transforming’ South Africa into the economic abys

South Africa’s economy is stagnating and the government’s economic room for manoeuvring is getting smaller. Although international factors do play a role, the ANC should be given the blame as a result of a variety of their policy choices, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the economy says.

Adv. Alberts today during the first reading debate on the Appropriation Bill for 2014 said that the core of the countries economic problems can be summed up with the word ‘transformation’.

“Nearly everything has to be transformed. The word contains policies which are very worrying to us. Despite the fact that the word ‘transformation’ does no appear even once in the Constitution, the ANC contends that the action word is indeed constitutional.

It is against this backdrop that the Appropriation Bill should be executed today. The name of the Bill is ironically applicable to the situation in South Africa as it thoroughly illustrates the ANC’s economic plan.

Minorities see this plan as follows:

‘We’ (the ANC) take taxes from the public and enrich ourselves by misappropriating it while the majority remains poor. Think of Nkandla and Chancellor House;

We tate taxes and strip pension funds to keep bankrupt public enterprises running. Think of Transnet, Alexkor, the SABC, the SAA etc.;

We take taxes from Afrikaans minorities and use it to undermine their language in schools, universities, courts and other state institutions;

We take taxes and appoint unqualified ANC cadres with huge salaries to public positions to buy their loyalty, regardless of service delivery to the poor;

We take taxes and refuse to to pay for the expropriation of mineral rights which at the same time opens the door for expropriation without any compensation of all property rights. The ANC is in this regard light years ahead of the EFF with the principle of taking away and misappropriation;

We take taxes and create collective farms like Stalin to ensure continued conflict and famine as every cadre has to have his/her own farm. Thandi Modise is a leading light in this regard; and

We take taxes from white, brown and Indian people and energetically create a racist labour environment and business policy. It does not bother the ANC if incompetence also allows black babies to die. No, it is more important to make sure that no white, brown or Indian people are appointed.

“This list of abuses is the perceptions of many people from minority groups about the ANC’s policy. A growing number of black people also notice it. It is getting late in the day for the ANC and nobody believes the ANC any more when they blame the past.

 “Some ANC members are earnest in their concern about this country. But then they should start acting and govern properly. Destroy corruption and racist legislation. Cherish our diversity. Or else the voters will demand accountability about this themselves,” Adv. Alberts said.


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