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ANC policy leaves the youth unemployed

All the talk about the economic empowerment of the country’s youth is just paying lip service because no action is taken and when the opposition suggests solutions, they are disregarded while this problem becomes bigger by the day, says adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson for economics.

This is all the more tragic, according to adv. Alberts, because the labour force in first world countries is ageing fast, but this is not the case in South Africa. However, this ‘demographic dividend’ is lost in the process.

Adv. Alberts is adamant about the fact that the cause of the problem is the government’s poor governance and lacking service delivery, which has caused the country’s economy to stagnate.

“After 1994, the first thing that the ANC did was to replace an experienced public service corps with incompetent cadres. The people that could not be persuaded to resign were forced to do so. In so doing, they wiped out institutional memory and experience that could have been used to ensure proper service delivery, especially in education.

“It is as if the government is treating the country’s youth like mushrooms: they are kept uninformed and in the dark and they are only fed lies and propaganda that serve to conceal the government’s failures.

“The ANC’s cadre deployment has placed people with a mentality like Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s in important public positions for which they are simply not skilled or competent. The effect of this is that many poor black people suffer due to poor service delivery and the youth suffer due to substandard education.

“In addition, the ANC’s experiment on the youth with outcomes-based education failed and it left large numbers of young people illiterate.

“What is the answer? How can we save the youth and build a future for them? Given the fact that this year we still hear the same reasoning and ignorance from the ANC, it is clear that we need to bring merit back into the system by saving the country from the inexorable ANC and its failed policy,” says adv. Alberts.


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