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ANC now wants to use water to drive farmers off their land

The quota of 75% black ownership that government has set as target for the allocation of water licences is a carefully considered strategy to drive white farmers off their land.

It comes down to expropriation without compensation, seeing as government now plans to use water as a gun against farmers’ heads, forcing them to hand their property over to black people.

The FF Plus will do everything in its power to wipe this malicious plan of the ANC off the table, and is calling on all the right-minded people in the country to support the party in this endeavour.

The ANC has reached a point with its racially driven policy where it is so desperate to cling to power that it is willing to do anything, even if it totally destroys South Africa in the process.

South Africa’s agricultural sector makes up about 60% of the country’s annual water consumption, and it is clear that this sector is being targeted.

The ANC government has failed miserably with its restitution programme and after 29 years, there are still no natural and successful processes in place to facilitate large-scale black participation in agriculture.

Last Friday, the Department of Water and Sanitation published draft regulations in the Government Gazette which determine that enterprises applying for water use licences must be in 75% black ownership.

In practice, it means that all large-scale water consumers – the agricultural sector, in particular, but also industrial enterprises using water – will have to be transferred to black “shareholders” almost in their entirety.

Farmers and owners of large enterprises will be reduced from owner to labourer with a minority share overnight.

The impact of these regulations will be catastrophic for South Africa.

The country basically has no power; water supply for ordinary consumption is already a crisis; and now the ANC is making plans to destroy food production as well.

South Africa’s economy will be destroyed to such a degree that it will not be possible to import food products, and the outcome will be disastrous for every South African.

What the ANC is busy doing is reminiscent of atrocities committed during the Soviet era where the state let millions of its own people starve to death.

This warning is very serious. Load shedding and cholera in the country’s water serve as timely warnings and proof.

Clearly, the ANC is willing to sacrifice the country just to retain its support at the polls. It must not be allowed to happen.

Next year brings an opportunity to finally end this ANC nightmare.



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