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ANC government chooses terrorist side in Israel-Palestine conflict and must honour sovereignty of Israel

(Member’s statement in Parliament)

The ANC government has never tried to hide its hostility towards Israel and has now once again chosen the terrorist side in the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is time for the ANC to honour Israel's sovereignty.

The conflict currently raging in Jerusalem include violent uprisings orchestrated by the terrorist group Hamas and Palestinian authorities whose sole purpose, it appears, is to bring about violence and unrest in Jerusalem.

It is part of a wave of terror and incitement to violence in which Hamas is implicated.

Over the past few days, more than 400 rockets from Gaza have rained down on Israel leading to large-scale fires, causing irreparable damage and threatening the lives of everyone who calls the area home.

In turn, Israel has done all it can to defuse the situation and to prevent the present tension and violence.

Since the unification of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has gone out of its way to ensure freedom of religion and worship for all religions in the Holy City. What is currently happening on ground level in the city is not a fight for freedom of religion, it is blatant terrorism.

It is lamentable that the South African government is always so quick to side with Israel's opponents and condemn the country.

Therefore, Israel is not the one guilty of violating international law, it is the ANC government that is guilty of this violation as it refuses to recognise and honour Israel's sovereignty.

The blame for the violence in Jerusalem rests squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinian authorities, the terrorist group Hamas and other terrorist groups.

The FF Plus is calling on the international community to become involved in an attempt to defuse the situation.



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