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ANC fails youth

(Parliamentary debate: Youth Day)

Year in and year out, the ANC government paints a picture of success while emphasising the significance of the 1976 protests for today's youth, but in reality the ANC has failed South Africa's youth and have been holding them hostage for the last 26 years.

South Africa's youth still does not have access to mother-tongue education. A Sesotho-speaking learner does not enjoy the same privileges of mother-tongue education as an English-speaking learner. In addition, the government is working to anglicise Afrikaans schools in the name of accessibility, while it should rather develop mother-tongue education in all official languages.

The government boasts with its swift action to provide water and sanitation services to schools with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but that was crisis management and only serves as proof that the government failed to provide these schools with proper infrastructure in the first place.

When it comes to unemployment among the youth, the shocking and harsh reality is that 58% of all young people in the country are unemployed.

The FF Plus challenges the government to bring about real change by abolishing race-based legislation and quota systems so as to level the playing field for the benefit of all South African youths.

South Africa deserves a ruling party that fights for the rights of all citizens and not just some. Thus far, the government has failed the youth of the country miserably. This will only change when a new government, in whose eye everyone matters, takes over.

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