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ANC demonstrates its contempt for Afrikaner heritage by removing 1938 Great Trek Centenary Memorial

In an act of utter callousness, the ANC-controlled Matlosana Municipality removed the 1938 Great Trek Centenary Memorial in Klerksdorp and replaced it with a memorial of its own.

The new memorial supposedly commemorates the municipal victims of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The FAK has already pointed out that this act is illegal, unlawful and in contravention of heritage measures and the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999, and the FF Plus fully concurs.

It also serves as proof that the ANC has absolutely no regard for the cultural heritage of any other group.

The ANC government sees the annual celebration of Heritage Day barely a week ago as nothing more than an opportunity to pacify minorities with empty rhetoric, while reality demonstrates that in the ANC’s world there is no room for the heritage of others.

The irony of the matter is that the new memorial was inaugurated on 25 September (last month) – just one day after Heritage Day.

The FF Plus has no words to express its condemnation of this act.

The Great Trek is one of the most important beacons in the cultural landscape of the Afrikaner and had a drastic impact on the general history of every single South African.

The FF Plus has never denied anyone else their right to celebrate their history, culture or any important events.

In this case, it is not about the fact that people who lost their lives to the pandemic are being commemorated, but that other people’s heritage, which is close to their hearts, is being trampled in the process.

The Great Trek Memorial was inaugurated in November 1938 during the Voortrekker Centenary celebrations. The tracks of the Johanna van der Merwe and the Margaretha Prinsloo ox wagons can still be seen at the memorial site.

The FF Plus will support the FAK in whatever action it decides to take regarding the matter. The Provincial Heritage Council was also requested to investigate the matter.

The party will, furthermore, send a letter to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Zizi Kodwa, requesting him to also look into it.

The ANC will not be able to keep fooling South Africans for much longer. In 2024, the polls will bring an end to the current government’s trampling of everything that ordinary South Africans hold dear.



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