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ANC councillors in Rand West Municipality demonstrate contempt for democracy

The contempt for democratic processes demonstrated by ANC councillors in the Rand West Local Municipality (Randfontein en Westonaria) has prevented appointed councillors from this Municipality from being inaugurated in the West Rand District Municipality.

During yesterday's council meeting of the West Rand District Municipality, councillors could not reach consensus about which election results for appointed councillors from the Rand West Local Municipality should be used.

The meeting of the Rand West Municipality to elect these appointed councillors was disrupted two weeks ago when ANC councillors refused to allow the Electoral Commission (IEC) to open the ballot box to count the votes after voting had taken place. The IEC had to remove said ballot box and return it during last Friday's council meeting to count the votes.

According to those results, the FF Plus could appoint one councillor to the District Municipality, the ANC three, the DA two and the EFF two.

However, the Speaker of Rand West Municipality, Dumile Sithole, insisted on a re-election without the IEC being present.

Apart from participating in an unconstitutional re-election process, the FF Plus had no other choice but to leave the council meeting.

According to the results of the re-election, five seats were allocated to the ANC and three to the EFF.

Such blatant contempt for democratic processes is one of the main reasons why local government is utterly failing under ANC rule.

The Rand West Municipality is one of the worst municipalities in Gauteng and residents are affected by service delivery problems on a daily basis.

The ANC councillors are also demonstrating contempt for the Municipality's voters, and their democratic right to choose, with their irresponsible conduct. The voters have spoken, and the ANC must listen.

If the ANC truly does support democracy, it must accept the results of the election as well as everything that follows, like the appointment of opposition party councillors to district municipalities and as mayors, speakers and chief whips.

Municipal councils must focus on improving service delivery to residents and not on petty politics.

The FF Plus has lodged a complaint with the IEC in Gauteng, requesting that the undemocratic re-election must be investigated.

The IEC has already confirmed to the party that only the Commission's results will be accepted.

The FF Plus will not tolerate such undemocratic conduct by the ANC in the Municipality and will fight for residents' right to have an accountable municipal council that puts their interests first.



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